About Avonshire

Avonshire is a big data technology system integrator and a consulting services provider. We enable clients to create and execute strategies to transform their big data ecosystem.

We believe that by delivering innovation and values to our customers, we achieve our business goals. We envisage to become a leading cloud data engineering system integrator for businesses. Our revenue and brand reputation depend on customer satisfaction and we strive to exceed customer expectations in every endeavor.

Our Products

Our Partners

Avonshire products and services are strengthened by our partnership with leading technology providers. Our strong relationships create business values, accelerate time-to-market and reduce risks. We jointly deliver solutions with our partners that solves our clients' cloud and big data problems. We address client needs as well as develop methods, best practices, reference architectures, design patterns, data strategy and tools to accelerate the successful integration, deployment and operation of our solutions.

Our partnership focuses on developing solutions that incorporate the intellectual property of Avonshire as well as technology and services from partners. We jointly deliver and market our services and solutions to clients across multiple industries.