Branding Guidelines

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The Avonshire branding guidelines provide the artwork and design requirements that enable Avonshire staff, partners and design firms to ensure a consistent visual identity across all communication channels. The guidelines apply to print, Web, signage and other media.

Avonshire Logo:

Upholding integrity of Avonshire brand position is an essential part of protecting our values. Our logo is more than a signature on our products and services. To customers, partners and employees, it is a promise that represents trust, value, quality and innovation.

Color of the Avonshire Logo:

Avonshire has one logo, which may appear only in Oxford blue or white. The logo should appear consistently and without alteration, as shown on this page. On a white or light background, use the Avonshire logo in blue. On an Oxford blue or dark background, use the Avonshire logo in white.