Big Data Strategy

Our Big Data strategy is based on our own seminal work on technology strategy framework developed at the University of Oxford. In a fast changing business ecosystem, growth and customer value creation greatly rely on intelligent use of data to make better decisions. The continued increase in data volume, velocity and variety necessitates application of state of the art strategy and technologies to garner competitive edge.

We understand that no two businesses are same when it comes to data strategy, and therefore we tailor our data strategy framework to embolden our customer’s interest in their specific business ecosystem.

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Big Data Strategy

The salient features of big data strategy are the following

  1. Big data vision alignment with business strategy
  2. Big data strategic framework
  3. Big data strategy lifecycle
  4. Big data organisation
  5. Sourcing strategy for Big data
  6. Technology for Big data
  7. Governance for Big data
  8. Security for Big data
  9. Strategic target state definition
  10. Strategic roadmap
  11. Big data business case